• Friday, October 7, 2022

On December 1st we will be adjusting all hosting package prices. List of price changes can be found below.


Setup Fee for Monthly/Quarterly payments: $4.95 (One-Time) = $4.25 (One-Time) [VALUE CORRECTION]

Starter Hosting - $8.95 (Per Month) = $12.95 (Per Month)

Professional Hosting - $14.95 (Per Month) = $20.95 (Per Month)

Business Hosting - $20.95 (Per Month) = $29.95 (Per Month)


We do not believe in being the cheapest provider as this means we also need to cheap out on hardware and software solutions. Our pricing represents the high quality servers we run to give you the best possible hosting solutions.


We are also in the process of removing outdated or deprecated packages from our system. List of affected packages can be found below.


Package Group: Linux Multi Domain Hosting UK

Package Group: Linux Multi Domain Hosting US

Package Group: Game Hosting (We are working on a new system for this)

Package Group: Linux VPS (US & EU)

Package Group: Linux Dedicated (US & EU)

Package Group: Windows Dedicated (US & EU)

Package Group: Linux Reseller Hosting (US & EU & UK)

We are working on a partnership deal with a datasenter in the US and also one in the EU to be able to provide higher quality VPS and Dedicated solutions.

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